Kanata Hongo is SAVE!

Pesan ini dilansir dari Manajemen Artis tempat Kanata Hongo

bernaung, Stardust.






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Kanata Hongo is Missing and Naruto Author ‘Masashi Kishimoto’ Died In Tsunami??!!

A large number of people are searching in the google to confirm the news of death of creator the manga series Naruto ‘Masashi Kishimoto’.The Japanese earthquake and tsunami has taken many lives, some of which have not been accounted for. Earleir, a huge flood of rumor of death of Pokémon ‘Satoshi Tajiri’ and after that a large number of people searched in the google to confirm the news of death of ‘The Creator of Hello Kitty’ Yuko Yamaguchi. There has been gossip related to the possibility this great artist has died in the Japanese tragedy, while others state he is safe and out of harms way. It is not confirmed yet about his death but pray for the safety of Japanese.  This is confirmed, its the fifth biggest earthquake since 1900.

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