FUYU NO SAKURA DORAMA : owh please I can’t stop crying (T___T)

I finally watch Fuyu No Sakura dorama, yes yes yes memang saya akui kalau rada telat ngereview dorama ini yang sudah habis masa tayangnya Maret 2011 lalu di Jepang, tapi mau bagaimana lagi i have real life to go through and night like this, is the perfect time to watch tons of movies and dramas from Asia to Western because hm. . .i have kinds of sleepin problem hehehe

And this drama always been skip off over the others, well well well the only reason is because the two main roles are over 30’s, but here I am watchin it now. Okay I might not finish it yet, still 2 episodes to go, but i just can’t help it not to let you know folks that this drama. . .


Onegaishimasu will you just stop makin me cry Inaba san?!. . .Inabaaaaaa san hiks hiks hiks. . .

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