TOP 5 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best New Shonen Manga 2012

Yo minna sashiburi

November sudah meninggalkan kita dan ada banyak manga-manga shonen keren yang pastinya worth to read mengisi Desember ini or menyambut tahun 2013 yang sebentar lagi datang.

Situs sudah mengeluarkan list 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best New Shonen Manga yang betenya manga favorit gue bertengger di posisi RUNNER UP gerrrr kagak sudi!!

Yeah yeah here’s the list:

WINNER: Blue Exorcist

Author and Artist: Kazue Kato Publisher: Shonen Jump / VIZ Media



Scrappy Rin Okumura and his studious twin brother Yukio both grew up under the care of Father Fujimoto. But at age 15, Rin discovers a secret: he’s the half-human/half-demon son of Satan. After a brush with his father, Rin vows to fight evil by becoming an exorcist.



Ini die nih favorit gue!!

RUNNER-UP: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Author and Artist: Hiroshi Shiibashi
NURARIHYON NO MAGO © 2008 by Hiroshi Shiibashi/SHUEISHA Inc.


Rikuo Nura looks like your average, shy teen. But he’s 1/4 yokai, and his yokai grandfather wants him to become the leader of their family’s clan of demons. But Rikuo will need more than his bloodline to gain the respect of his grandfather’s supernatural minions, much less his clan’s enemies.


#3. Gate 7

Author and Artist: CLAMP Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

While on a sightseeing visit to Kyoto, Chikahito Takamoto accidentally slips into a parallel supernatural space, where he encounters three mystical warriors battling elemental beasts. He’s shaken by the encounter, but Chikahito also finds himself feeling an attraction to Hana, the youngest and cutest of the three warriors, who may or may not be who or what he/she seems.

#4. Cage of Eden

Author and Artist: Yoshinobu Yamada Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Here we go…sodare sodare ini manga ecchi eng ing eng rada HENTAI juga jadi bagi yang belum dapet liquid dream jangan daaah baca nih manga hahahaha

WARNING: Hentai, tentacle, boobs, sexy girls, en many more hehehe #peace


A group of teens on a school trip end up stranded on a remote island after their airplane crashes. Dealing with trying to survive the elements and fighting with each other is hard enough to endure, but the island is also inhabited by vicious creatures long thought.


Author and Artist: Kemuri Karakara Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing

Hanasuke Onigawara is an ordinary teen boy… until he discovers that he’s actually dead. As fate would have it, he’s given a chance to come back to life. All he has to do is help another guy (who’s also dead) find a girl — and they’ve only got 7 days to accomplish their mission.

Okeh moga list di atas bisa bermanfaat buat kemaslahatan bangsa hahaha #Peace Again


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