Hi everyone, long time dont see 🙂

In the past two weeks i’ve been joinin a Short Course Program in Singapore so I had to work out on Presentations and hehehe Shoppin to do 😛 during that time can’t publish any post for ya, so sorry Gomen ne 🙂

While I was there i saw NHK’s GOU, the historical dorama played by my fave actress, Ueno Juri from Nodame Cantabile and Swing Girls. So I search the net and find this news:

Ueno portrays the main character, “Gou”, the third daughter of Oichi, the younger sister of Oda Nobunaga and Azai Nagamasa. Gou, her two sisters, and her mother ended up living with Nobunaga after Nagamasa was forced to commit seppuku after the constant sieges by Nobunaga. Later, she married Tokugawa Hidetada, who became a shogun. Her son Iemitsu became a shogun as well, while her daughter married the Emperor of Japan. Gou’s two sisters also married very powerful men.

Ueno about the role, “One of the producers told me that Gou’s life was like water. She did meet a lot of different people, did visit a lot of different places, and did have a lot of different thoughts. Her way of life was very flexible, and it always changed according to the current situation. It might not be the way I live my life, but I still think it was a wonderful life. I hope you will come to enjoy it while watching the drama and become fascinated by all the people we are going to meet through Gou.”

She also talked about some similarities between her and Gou: “Just like her I am the youngest of three sisters. I think the environment and the organization of a family has a big influence on your life. When you leave home you start to discover things you would like to do by yourself and just do them. As the youngest of 3 sisters or brothers you don’t think about the responsibilities. Gou also started to just do her own thing since childhood.”

“Gou ~Hime tachi no Sengoku~” is based on an original novel written by Tabuchi Kumiko, who wrote it solely for the purpose of the drama. She penned the script for the drama as well. In the past, she was also responsible for the script of the very popular 47th taiga drama, “Atsuhime” (2008), staring Miyazaki Aoi.

Credits: tokyohive.com

As most of Historical Series, the dorama is quite slow a bit because of the long conversation and many characters that have to potray.

But what surprised me the most is TOKUGAWA HIDETADA, husband of GOU (played by Ueno Juri) is played by MUKAI OSAMU!!!

argh another reason why you have to watch the show my friends!!

I love them both, their actings are just so good, definitely I wanna watch them in another dorama or movie. . .

Osamu Mukai is in different charisma with his traditional Japanese performance as a SHOGUN. . .Got to see it!

News said The dorama is goin to be 46 episodes and will air the last epi on Nov 27, the dorama also potrays many notable historical characters such as Tokugawa Ieyasu, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Oda Nobunaga.

So dont miz it 😉 Happy Watchin

4 Tanggapan

  1. What?? 46 episodes??? Uh OH….

    • Its historical dorama, wjarlah malah jumlah episodenya lebih sedikit darpada historical korean drama yg ditas 50an malah historical drama Jumong epinya more than 70 😉

      How r u hotaru? Hope u doin okay my friend. . .

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