This is a story about two sisters, based on manga by Hijiri Chiaki. Yoko (a younger sister, who is sweet, funny, helpful, diligent and polite) and Makiko (the older sister, who is unbelievably beautiful, smart and always admired by people around her). The younger one is always tormented by her older devilish sister. Whenever Makiko wants to get something, she always uses her younger sister to get what she wants. The younger sister will be her hands and feet to fulfill her desires. She even made Yoko join sumo club when she falls in love with a sumo coach. Makiko even has a motto: “if u get me, I’ll get you. Even if you don’t, I’ll still get you.” Unfortunately, no one knows this demon-like nature of Yoko’s beautiful sister except Yoko herself. People around them somehow called Makiko “Seigi no Mikata” (ally of justice). However, Yoko still believes that someday divine punishment will fall on evil.

When Makiko falls in Love (for the umpteenth time) with her co-worker who is an elite, single, handsome and reputable university graduate, again she asks Yoko to get her close to him. At first, Yoko rejects her sister’s wish because she doesn’t want such a good-hearted person like him becomes her sister’s prey. But later, she thinks if her sister’s married to him, she can kick her sister out of their house. Then, she tried her best to match her sister and the man of her sister’s dream.

In the end, despite how annoying Makiko treats her, Yoko learns that family bond cannot be broken easily. Yoko finally realizes that she has love for her sister deep inside her heart.

This movie also revolved around the younger sister relationship with the most popular boy at school. Both of them couldn’t declare their feeling until the popular boy moved to another city. I’m kinda annoyed seeing their back-and-forth relationship. Are Japanese men find difficulties in expressing their feeling? This is the part that I hate the most. I hate sad-ending movie. I wanna see them as a couple. Gotta be funny. Hehe.

Anyway, this movie has a light storyline and is easy to follow. It’s definitely a spare time movie and a stress repellent. There are a lot of funny scenes. But my fav one is when Makiko went to a concert, which her targeted guy attends, without knowing that it’s a classical music concert. Whenever she listens classical music, Makiko will fall asleep in no time. So you can guess what happens in a concert where Makiko sits next to the man of her dream. LOL!! 😀

The girl who played Makiko in this movie is Yu Yamada. She’s Shun Oguri’s girl friend. She’s really beautiful and has a good posture. Her acting is awesome. She was awarded BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS in this movie. No wonder Shun fell for her.   I like seeing them together.

The girl who played Yoko is Shida Mirai. Her acting is also awesome and makes her awarded as BEST ACTRESS.


And now it’s time to discuss IKEMEN in this movie. The elite boy and the most popular boy.

The first one, Yoshikawa Naoki, is played by Mukai Osamu. I was astonished by his look. Out of this world handsomeness (Ok, I think I’m too exaggerated, hehe :p). You can meet him again in Sweet Room and Hanamizuki.

The second boy, Okamoto riku, is played by Hongo Kanata. U can’t easily forget him, he has a unique and cute face.

Overall, all the casts act well. You will hate Makiko’s mother-in-law and you’ll love Makiko’s parents. This movie will show you the importance of having a harmonious family. U won’t be disappointed watching this movie. The Soundtrack of this movie is catchy. I even used it as my ringtone 😀

If u’re looking for a stress reliever dorama, this dorama is definitely an answer for you 



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  1. Nice soundtrack. ^^
    Nice casts.

  2. and great review ^^

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