Futaro and his scar
Story Line:

Gamagori Futaro has been poor since the day he was born. As a child his recklessly wasteful and abusive father sunk the family into debt and disappeared, leaving Futaro and his sick mother to fend for themselves. With no money to pay for medical treatment for his ailing mother, she eventually died. After her death Futaro became obsessed with money and willing to do anything for it. Several years pass and Futaro finds himself working at “Mikuni Shipbuilding” where he meets the company president’s daughters Midori, who was his former classmate, and her younger sister Akane, who is disabled, and like Futaro, has a scarred face. In a plot to acquire their fathers company, Futaro begins to get close the sisters… (mediawiki)



Futaro meets Shinichi, his “TWIN”, the man who really looked like him


  • Matsuyama Kenichi as Gamagori Futaro (23)
as Nonomura Shinichi (ep4,6)
  • Saito Ryusei as young Futaro (11)
  • Mimura as Mikuni Midori (24)
  • Miyagawa Daisuke as Ogino Satoshi (36)
  • Kinami Haruka as Mikuni Akane (21)
  • Ishibashi Anna as Nonomura Kaori (16)
  • Suzuki Hiroki as Sugeta Jun (25)
  • Takuma Seiko as Nonomura Haruka (34)
  • Shiho as Kuwata Haruko (19)
  • Yamamoto Kei as Mikuni Joji (56)
  • Okunuki Kaoru as Gamagori Momoko (35)
as Hiroko (ep6)
  • Mitsuishi Ken as Nonomura Yasuhiko (48)
  • Ryo as Nonomura Shoko (36)
  • Shiina Kippei as Gamagori Kenzo (45)



# Powerful  Plot
# Depth Diverse Characters
# Great Cast and performance
# Superb Acting from the main actor
# Great Cinematography
# Great Directorial
# Well done Philosophical line (Scenario/ Script)



# The development of each episode is too fast therefore the chemistry between each characters can’t develop well. It might be happened because Japanese dramas usually in short number of episodes.
# There’s only one slight event (on the boat) that have made Futarou gained Akane’s trust. And it’s too fast for Futarou to entered Mikuni’s House and later married Akane.

Ken proves himself as a very GREAT ACTOR


  • 60th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor – Matsuyama Kenichi
  • 60th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Directors – Otani Taro, Kariyama Shunsuke
Behind the Series:

Zeni geba is a Japanese manga story written by George Akiyama. The series was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1970 to 1971. Shōnen Sunday was once specified as “harmful” in some prefectures when the series has started, because of its violent and drastic depiction.

Zeni means money in Japanese and Geba means die Gewalt (power) in German, so the title can be translated into “Moneypower”. (wikipedia)

However, the English title for this drama is MONEY CRAZY.

Here’s The Trailer:


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