Kenichi Matsuyama a.k.a L (L Change The World) ~Wallpaper, Pics, Photos, Image~


Ken’ichi Matsuyama reprises his role as L Lawliet from the previous Death Note films. The film chronicles the final 23 days of L’s life, and follows L as he solves one final case. Change The World does continue the plot line established and concluded in the first two movies. Instead, L is the protagonist of this film. Shunji Fujimura also reprises his role as Watari, but, having died in The Last Name, he is killed off early in this film. Despite being depicted on the promotional poster, Misa Amane and the Death God Ryuk have very brief cameos in the film, appearing on screen for less than thirty seconds each. A video still of Light Yagami is also used in the film. The detective for the second season of the anime Near was also revealed at the end of the movie.


L is recruited to save humanity from a deadly virus that wiped out a whole Thai village and his friend F. His opponents are K and a twisted environmental group who want to “cleanse” the world of it’s excess population with the deadly virus. His accomplices are two young children – a English speaking boy who’s the only survivor of the virus infected Thai village; and a Japanese school girl who’s the child of the Professor who developed the virus antidote. His FBI partners are Watari, and Sugura who joins later as a brief comical decoy for L on the run.


Actor Kenichi Matsuyama is currently taking a break from the filming of “The Legend of Kamui” (directed by Yoichi Sai) after suffering an injury at the end of last month. On November 28, a sword fight scene was being shot in Kyoto. Matsuyama was struck strongly on his right thigh, leaving a bruise that is said to take three weeks to fully recover. He still attended the opening day press event for “Tsubaki Sanjuro” on December 1, but he concealed the pain from his injury. Because of his many action scenes in “The Legend of Kamui,” Matsuyama is taking a break to recover. His scenes have been postponed until the start of the year, but filming will continue without him. Producers are still aiming to wrap up filming in February, as Matsuyama has to begin working on the “Detroit Metal City” movie, which is scheduled for a summer release. “The Legend of Kamui” is based on Sanpei Shirato’s manga of the same name (“Kamui Gaiden”). The movie will be released in 2009.

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  1. the report was very good!!!i love it hehehe…..sudah nonton blm?cari y CD nye bajakan jg dpp heheheoh ya…ada satu scene yg bnr2 mengharukan loh dari pilem L change the world…yaitu…scene waktu…L…nyoba (cocoknya sih berusaha) bediri dengan normal (dy kan bungkuk) buat seseorang yang ampir meninggal,untuk memperlihatkan tekadnya!!! (klo kaga salah…)pokoknya katanyo klo nonton pilem ni siap2 tisu,,isu2nya agak2 bwt perasaan jadi makmana….gt….sekian komen sayawasalamsering2 crite ttg L yo (-.^)V

  2. […] Kenichi Matsuyama tidak perlu diragukan kualitas aktingnya, he Won BEST ACTOR for ZENI GEBA (TV Series) dan di ajang piala OSCAR-nya JEPANG, he Won BEST ACTOR for DEATH NOTE and YAMATO, Won MOST POPULAR ACTOR for DETROIT METAL CITY!!! bahkan memenangkan penghargaan BEST ACTOR for THEATER dan berbagai AWARD lainnya dari banyak festival film. […]

  3. You are realy cool ❤

  4. […] Yagami Raito a.k.a KIRA dan Kenichi Matsuyama sebagai Lawliet a.k.a L (liat lebih lanjut movie L Change the World). Film ini menceritakan tentang Yagami Raito, siswa genius yang tidak menyukai ketidakadilan […]

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