Hana Yori Dango+Jun Matsumoto



The title Hana yori Dango, literally “Boys before Flowers”, is a pun on a Japanese saying, “Food before Flowers” (花より団子, lit. “dumplings rather than flowers”, see dango 団子). “Food before Flowers” refers to the fact that food, being more practical and more necessary to survival, should be chosen over flowers, something pretty but not essential to life (and the real reason most people today attend Hanami). The author furthers the pun by changing the kanji of the title to mean “Boys over Flowers” (花より男子, “Boys over Flowers”?), implying that boys, like food, maybe are a necessity to life rather than a luxury like flowers. Note that “boys” (男子, “boys”?) is normally read danshi (だんし, danshi?), but the furigana force the reading dango (だんご, dango?)

One of Sniper’s student,MUZA,wants me to put pictures and profile of Jun in my blog. So MUZA i keep my promise to you.BTW,MUZA,i really hope that you can win the competition of accounting,you just have to believe in yourself,dont give up and always pray to ALLAH SWT.C U

The following is Jun’s Profile:

* Name: 松本潤
* Name (romaji): Matsumoto Jun
* Nicknames: Matsujun, Junji, King [by all Arashi], Jun~Chan, Matsumoto~kun,
* Profession: Actor, singer
* Birthdate: 1983-Aug-30
* Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
* Height: 173cm
* Weight: 58kg
* Star sign: Virgo
* Blood type: A-
* Family: Older sister
* Talent agency: Johnny’s Entertainment
* Jpop group: Arashi
* Hobbies and interests: Music, DVDs, photography, and reading
* Specialty: Baseball


3 Tanggapan

  1. Matsujun’s kool, but I like Oguri Shun better. xP He played Hanazawa Rui in Hanayori Dango.

  2. Matsujun’s kool, but I like Oguri Shun. xP If you remember, he played Hanazawa Rui.

  3. To Saori>of courz i remember him always hehe plis check at MY TOP 5 THE HOTTEST ASIAN MAN : KOREAN, JAPAN AND TAIWAN HOTTEST MAN

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